My Journey to Toptal: The Toptal Hiring Process for Web Developers.

What is Toptal?

Toptal full meaning is top talent. Every month Thousands of people apply to be Toptal engineers but fewer than 3% are accepted as Toptal Engineers. Toptal screening process is totally different than others and it may take 2-5 weeks to be completed. In this article, I will share the Toptal hiring process.

Why did I join Toptal?

To be honest I had no serious plan to join there cause I was afraid about their screening process cause I heard that it is too much difficult to pass there but I was curious to know it so I sign up there but didn’t start screening process. After a few months of signing, I saw one person from my friend list shared a post that he is in the third step so I feel interested and started screening. So let me share you the four steps you have to pass. Note: I will share what is only shareable and this also available on Total website. See the reference.

Step 1: Language and Personality

The first step is really easy. In this step they will check your appearance , English skills and your interest .

Step 2: In-Depth Skill Review

In the second step, they will test your technical skills and problem-solving capacity. Before starting this step you must have to be well prepared with problem-solving. There have lots of problem-solving site like hacker rank. So you can practice there.

Step 3: Live Screening

This is the toughest part of the screening and most of the person failed from this step. In this step interviewer may assign you two or more coding task and you have finish them within a fixed time. So my recommendation practice practice and practice everyday before start this process.

Step 4: Test Projects

This the final step of screening. In this step, they will assign a test project to check your coding skills, coding standards and presentation skills. It will be really fun if you are an expert. After this step, you have to ready your profile and start looking for a job.


So after completing all these steps, I joined Toptal on 1st April 2020. So in my opinion, if you are really looking for a better carrier you can join Toptal and you have to be well-prepared cause if you failed once you have to wait for few months to restart. If you are interested to sign up you can join through my affiliate link. Happy freelancing.

Mehedi Hasan
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Farjana Bobi

nice post

Hafizur Rahman

Thanks for sharing your journey at toptal. I am pleased to know it.

Rezwan Shiblu

Congratulation brother. I got inspired from you. Can you tell what type of problem they give for solving ?

Tanvir Fazley

Good job bro.

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